Vegetable Garden

Garden Vegetable Soup

With our miserable bone-chilling weather, I had a taste for a good hearty quick soup. However, when I went to the local grocery store (why are they all called ?supermarkets?? how come there are no averagemarkets, goodmarkets, or alsoranmarkets?} to purchase the vegetables, the only green beans they had looked every bit as bad as TV chef Jamie Oliver?s hair. So I was forced to nix the beans, but I got lucky and spotted a couple of very decent ears of corn, so I cut the corn off the cobs and used that instead. I was out of homemade beef broth and I would only use store-bought beef broth to feed starving Armenians, so I made a quick broth using English Bovril which has an extremely intense beef flavour ? that, combined with the tomato flavour, was absolutely heavenly. I also lucked out and found very fresh herbs in the store, so I used them instead of dried. As to the garlic cloves, I referred to Recipezaar member MeanChef?s famous garlic formula: ?If a recipe calls for one garlic clove, use three?. The end result of all this was a most superior quick and easy soup that warmed the cockles of the hearts of all those who consumed it.