Garden Tractor Implements

What are the top 10 implements you should have in your machine shed? To answer that question, the first thing you should do is make a list of all the jobs you need to get done around your place. Mowing pasture, or turf-type grass? Lifting, moving, and dumping material? Scraping and moving dirt? Grading or leveling land? Digging holes? Working a large garden?

Which implements are right for you depend on what you need to get done. But having said that, here’s a list of what we believe owners of large properties should have in their machine sheds to take care of the most common jobs they’ll face.

#1 – Tractor Loader
Without a loader, you’re only getting half the productivity available from your tractor. With a loader, you can add a bucket and turn your tractor into a scooping, moving, dumping machine. Add a pallet fork and you’ve got a forklift. Add a debris grapple and you can put all that woodland refuse in one, big pile. And the list goes on.

#2 – Rotary Cutter or Grooming Mower
Which is right for you? Here’s a handy rule of thumb.

Be advised, these mowing implements are not interchangeable. It’s important to use the one that’s right for your application. You’ll need at least one of them, may be both, because as we all know, the grass just keeps on growing.

#3 – Box Blade
A hard-working box blade with scarifiers is one of the most versatile implements you’ll ever have. Grading and leveling gravel drives. Building paths. Leveling land for a new building. Spreading dirt from where you don’t want it to where you do want it. Terracing land. Providing some rear ballast when using your loader attachments. Generally speaking, it’s one of those must have tools you’ll probably use a lot.

#4 – Rear Blade
Digging ditches. Returning gravel that’s been pushed off your gravel driveway back where it belongs. Grading and smoothing your drive. Snow removal. You’ll find plenty of work for a rear blade.

#5 – Land Plane
A land plane is a great tool to have in your machine shed for maintaining a gravel road or driveway, smoothing a horse arena, leveling a garden, and plenty of other uses you’ll think of.