Garden design ideas for Long narrow Gardens

Rectangles and squares, confined within low walls, convey a very angular look, although the harsh lines are softened by use of delicate pinks and mauves. The natural stone and pebble floor add to its elegance.

On the Diagonal

One rectangle running down the center of a long, thin yard will make a yard look even longer and thinner, but when set on a diagonal, rectangles have the opposite effect and create a strong sense of direction.

Garden of Circles

Circles work particularly will in narrow gardens, since the eye is naturally drawn around the curves and away from boundaries. This design uses circles set on an S-curve, offering the best of both line and shape.

Fluid Design

An S-curve is perfect for an informal long, thin yard, whether it is the right way around or reversed. The line evokes a flowing river and the design resonates with a dynamic rhythm. Sweeping steps run down from a curved paved patio.