Front Garden

Front house garden Design ideas

By Shirley Bovshow “Eden Maker” + / per se, if it’s functional and small.

Uninspired designs like the one my clients had before I made it over are ultimately a waste of water and time.

My clients, Joe and Randi Grinbaum felt the same way when they looked upon their small patch of lawn and lone palm tree that comprised their front yard entry.

Before- A small patch of grass and a lone palm tree- did someone run out of plants or ideas?

Another issue I had with this yard was that it lacked a dedicated walkway to the front door.

Dodging parked cars is not my idea of good design, so, I had addressed a few of these issues and was anxious to get to work!

After- Not only did the garden courtyard bring functionality and color to the yard, it also attracted hummingbirds, butterflies and the attention of passersby!

To remedy the problems, I removed all of the lawn and designed a 4 -foot- wide flagstone walkway that lead through a new fragrant Mediterranean-style garden.

It was amazing how much larger the space felt as a garden courtyard than as a lawn area.

The Grinbaum’s were amazed at the transformation and welcomed the fragrance and colorful bouquets they were able to make from their garden.