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Um, have I driven past this store a hundred times and never noticed it before? Or did they just turn the second building of the Foster Fred Meyer into a sweet, sweet mecca of clearance items recently? WHY DON’T ALL FRED MEYER STORES HAVE AN ACCOMPANYING CLEARANCE BUILDING? Now you don’t have to traipse the perimeter and endcaps of every goddamn aisle to find those magic tables of red tagged items: they are all in one place. Everyone knows Fred Meyer *regular* clearance isn’t that great. When you begin your blouse/towel/clock/whatever pricing at 50% above what’s reasonable anyway, the discount merely takes it down to a level that is slightly above Ross or TJ Maxx. But the kicker with the ole FM clearance is the escalating discount scale that comes with… first, it’s just an extra 20% off the clearance price. Then, it’s 30%. Wait a few days, and that Scene It? Seinfeld Edition board game you’ve always wanted is magically marked down an additional 60% off of the clearance price, and hours of hilarity is yours for the low price of $9.97. A 36-piece dish set for $6.97? Done and done! Three-piece towel sets in every color of the rainbow for $4.97. Discontinued (and floor model) furniture, games, shoes, clothes, hosiery, home goods, decor, and bedding galore. As is the case with any discount store – hit or miss. But I can tell you I scored the following: Nike workout pants, $8.39; shiny black pumps for work, $15.99 (originally $55); assorted candles around $2. I will definitely come back here next time the linen cabinet needs restocking. A set of Army-licensed baby pink sheets were calling my name… Oh, and I wasn’t kidding about Scene It? Seinfeld Edition. I just barely squeezed it into the game cabinet this evening, taking it’s place among the Friends card game, Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture, and Jeopardy! Bargains, people. I am an expert. Also the service there was very friendly.

I can’t believe how much I miss this place now that they are gone. We buy a lot of furniture and they had the best prices imaginable. $230 for a full-length Ashley or Emerald sofa (or other familiar brands – whatever’s sold in the furniture department at Fred Meyer). $215 for the matching loveseat. Everything was stylish, whether it matched our particular style or not. The employees spent so much time helping me load heavy furniture. Thanks for the memories, guys – I just wish FM Corporate would choose to open another one.

You know when you go to Fred Meyer and there is a table (or rack) full of scented candles (or off-season shirts) or whatever and they are on clearance? And the clearance price is marked by a red tag? And, sometimes, there is a sign indicating the items are an additional 40% (or whatever) off the clearance price? Well, imagine a whole store full of such tables and shelves and racks and you have the Fred Meyer Red Tag Store. I became aware of this store’s existence while In Portland one recent day, and, being ever the bargain-hunter, had to go check it out. The Fred Meyer Red Tag Store is where Fred Meyer clearance items go to die. All clothing items are an additional 70% off the clearance price. All household items are an additional 60% off. At first glance, it reminded me a bit of a Goodwill store – except it is cleaner and all items are new. I imagine it is very much hit or miss. Pickings were a bit slim the day I was there. (Though, considering it was a few days after Christmas, I guess that is to be expected.) Still, I managed to score a much-needed (and much searched for) soap dish for $2.50 and a set of six pairs of the cutest little baby socks (for my not yet born nephew) for $3.00. If I lived in or near Portland, I could definitely see stopping in often to see what is to be had on any given day. Since I don’t, I’ll have to wait until the next time I cross the state line to visit and search again…

It’s hit or miss. The discounts are GREAT. Basically, the benefit of this store is that the stores send their clearance items to this store. This saves from having to go through different stores and looking through their clearance racks. You can still find items at the other stores, but this saves you some time. The great part is that when they have friends and family discounts, you can use it here, and you can swipe your Fred Meyer card and earn points. The location is right across from a regular Fred Meyer Store. I usually stop here before I go into the other store. It’s worth making a trip every now and again (I drive from Washington).

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