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The spreading of online flower sale and delivery resources extends to more than 3000 destinationsaround the world. You can use the Flower delivery Hong Kong option to convey your feelings over distances.

Flowers accepted to gift in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a former English colony, where Chinese, immigrants from the Philippines, Indonesia and even Russia live. An incredible number of cultural traditions have been mixed here.

It is remarkable: a flower is in Hong Kong blazonry. The citybanner is red with a white Bauhinia flower with stars on its petals in the middle. Red color and stars mean that Hong Kong is a part of China. The Bauhinia flower is a symbol of Hong Kong. Trees with these flowers are planted everywhere. Bauhinia Blakeana is an evergreen tree resembling an orchid by its flower shape. It is a unique endemic to the Hong Kong ecosystem.

There are unique traditions of gifting floral arrangements in Hong Kong. One`s devotion can be shown with a bouquet of bamboo and plum, purity of intentions, nobility and honesty -with a lotus bouquet. You can make a compliment to a beautiful girl with an orchid. A bouquet of peonies expresses passion. For the Chinese, artificial flowers are the embodiment of freshness and attractiveness.

How to order flowers

Just place an order online. Choose from categories or a specific price range. The bouquet or basket page contains all the required information: image, composition, price. Click the “Order” button and fill all fields for ordering.

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels