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Garden Design Magazine’s spring issue is a celebration of flowers. Wildflowers, edible flowers, flowers for cutting, and enlivening landscapes.

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I have more than one favorite article from this issue. Anything on daffodils and spring flowers is always hard to resist, and there are other stories that have stuck with me: A feature on small gardens with big ideas, another highlighting mint and making your own elderflower cordial, and of course anything that focuses on garden ecology and working with nature.

Now is the time to take note of what’s blooming and plan for next spring.

Daffodils are one of the most reliable spring flowers because of their built in resistant to gophers and other critters looking for a free meal (thanks to their poisonous nature). Make a running list of varieties to grow, and learn everything you need to know about daffodils from bulb to blossom by subscribing to Garden Design.

There’s no ads and each issue is filled with bold photography and stories that inspire.

Here is what a recent subscriber said: “I saw a copy of Garden Design magazine late last year and was absolutely impressed with the in depth articles and the beautiful photography. This past spring I became a subscriber and love every single page. It is beautifully presented and I love that there are no ads. I don’t subscribe to too many magazines, but Garden Design is worth every single penny. I highly recommend it.”

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