Flower Garden

Flower garden Design Plan

The garden design plan outlined here features plants with white flowers and foliage that will stand out in a partial shade garden. A nice seasonal intro to this white perennial shade garden would be drifts of white tulips. Tulip ‘Albion Star’, ‘Best White’, ‘Evita’, ‘Ice Princess’ or ‘Purissima’ would start the season off right. Or perhaps ‘Spring Green’, with its green streaked white petals?

White flowers and foliage seem to glow in shade. Add some silvery shimmer and gray feathery foliage and a…MORE shady spot in the garden becomes a bright highlight. Use the following design plant as is or as inspiration for designing your own white shade garden. Every year new variegated plants are introduced that make it easier and easier to have a glint of white in your garden design, the entire growing season.

The plants used in this garden design plan are discussed on successive pages. If a plant isn’t suited to your area, there are alternatives listed. Quantities are just suggestions and depend on the size of the plants you purchase and how those plants behave in your soil. For the first year of any perennial garden, filling in with annual flowers is a good way to make the garden look mature, while still leaving room for the new perennial plants to spread.


Source: www.thespruce.com