Flower Garden

Flower garden Design Pictures

Texture, vibrancy and geometrics come together to create this cheerful retreat. The plantings vary from spiky to velvety, the hue is bright, sunny and serene, and the architecture blends angles, cones and hard lines.

Don’t Forget to Add Personality

When planning your garden design, get creative and express yourself with art, unusual structures and water features. Here, an aqua-sphere water feature is surrounded by delphinium and grasses.

Bright and Happy

A bold planting of Jerusalem Sage (Phlomis lanata), Red Hot Pocker (Kniphofia uvaria) and Variegated Periwinkle (Vinca minor variegata) makes for a sunny setting. Design by Katrina Fairchild

Aromatic Walkway

Rosemary creates a scented green border against the stone paths in this Tuscan garden. Design by Thom Oppelt

Mosaic Pool

In this Mediterranean garden, a Moorish pool is inlaid with an Italian glass mosaic. Ornamental shrubs, grasses and flowering plants border the water feature.

Rich Colors on a Terra-Cotta Base

In this garden, the colors of the outdoor fabrics mimic the colors of the landscape. Design by Jane Ellison

Cobalt Rock River

The blue-rock faux stream makes a low-maintenance water feature. But there isn’t a lack of water as the mosaic tile on the wall sits atop a small fountain. The freeform terra-cotta patio interspersed with moss and groundcover give this gathering spot lovely Old World charm. Design by Katrina Fairchild

Colorful Water Feature

Using recycled glass tile and a porous gravel flooring creates a fun look in this backyard. Decorative, colorful art is added to this pond area with bird statues, a water feature and plants. Design by Katrina Fairchild

Hillside Pool

An arc-shaped pool with a spa is built into the hillside, where cascading water gently laps over the Misty Rose flagstone. Design by Barry Block

Intimate Outdoor Dining

A hidden nook off the main patio area creates an intimate sitting area surrounded by lush perennial color and grasses. Tip: Grasses will almost give a “voice” to your garden as they softly rustle in the wind, providing a very peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Design by Barry Block

Established Materials

Old brick and well-established perennials are a few of the essential elements of Mediterranean design. Here, drought-tolerant herbs soften the hard wall with color and texture.

Calming Sanctuary

This romantic setting was created by cutting in garden beds, making a sitting area with stacked stone (recycled concrete) garden walls, and furnishing the modest patio area with country wicker chairs and topiary planters. Design by Shirley Bovshow

Old World & Nicely Weathered

This lovely dining patio looks as if it should be nestled in a hillside in Italy. The walkway lined with iceberg roses, boxwood and lavender makes it oh so inviting. Design by Sierra Hart

Asymmetrical Garden Path

An asymmetrical path leads to the back corner of this garden and breaks up the otherwise uniform look. Design by Joan Grabel

Tricks for Making Small Look Big

This small garden was designed to maximize usable space and create the feeling of a tropical hideaway. Large planters have the opposite effect that you think they would; they can often make a small yard feel bigger. Curved walkways — as opposed to straight — will also make a small yard feel bigger. Design by Heather Hardcastle


Source: www.diynetwork.com