Fairy Garden Supplies

Fairy Garden Miniatures for sale. We carry a large number of fairy garden miniature supplies. Invite the fairies into your life by creating your own beautiful fairy garden. How about starting with some delightful fairy wind chimes to call in the fairies, then add a beautiful flower fairy bird feeder to encourage the fairy’s bird friends. At eFairies we have a great range of fairy statues and fairy fountains in natural stone color, or bronze colored resin. Some come with solar lights. Just four hours of direct sun will keep these beauties glowing late into the night.

Creating a miniature fairy garden is a great project to do with children. You can create your own fairy house or get one of our finely crafted fairy cottages, surround it with moss and low growing ground covers, add some flowers and then decorate with our fairy furniture, a gazebo, walls, gates and a fairy swing. We even have a range of fairy sized garden tools, bird baths and even fairy mail boxes. When the fairies are done tending the flowers we have miniature fairy tea sets for their refreshment. Our range of Flower Fairy ornaments inspired by the art of Cicely Mary Barker are the perfect size to complete your fairy garden. Every fairy garden is as unique as its designer, there is no right way to create a fairy garden, let your imagination flow and above all have fun! Our garden fairy statues, fountains and fairy furniture are designed for out door use however the manufacturers recommend that they are sprayed with an annual coat of polyurethane water seal to protect from sun, wind and weather.