CVS Spring Garden

401SPRING Garden St
Philadelphia, PA 19123

The pharmacy is very helpful my doctor accidentally sent the wrong prescription and they worked with to quickly fill the correct one. Great customer service!

Horrible experience. I went to this cvs to return an order I had purchased online and they would not let me return the items. The receipt clearly states that it can be returned in-store. I called customer service and they said that this store has poor training…obviously.

Great CVS with super friendly pharmacy and store staff. I always come in after the gym and staff is always engaging with customers, offering help, or just striking up conversation. A great neighborhood drug store with also a huge selection of foods!

I just walked in this store. A panhandler in opiate haze sat on their sidewalk immediately adjacent to their main entrance. He was begging for money although he could hardly speak or hold his eyes open. Manager isn’t in store. I complained to a supervisor who acted like I killed her first born child. She was definitely annoyed that I told her it was unseemly and unfitting that a druggie would beg by their door. She blew me off, said she would handle it and returned to shelf stocking. Her name is Tiffany or Tiffani. She is full of attitude!

Never go back again, they give you medication that almost expire, they won’t give u change. Please attention to get any medication you can.

This is a new-ish CVS to the area. It’s slightly smaller than others, but still has pretty much everything you would want in a CVS. They seem to run out milk pretty quickly is my only gripe. It’s a heck of a lot nicer & better organized than the competitor across the street. The best part is their pharmacy. It’s never busy there for some reason. Fine by me! Small parking lot attached, but it’s on a busy corner. Also, not 24 hours.

While checkout can sometimes be slow, the store as a whole is fantastic and just about everyone there is friendly. The pharmacy though, is phenomenal. Super helpful and knowledgable folks who really go out of their way to solve any issues you might run into between doctors and insurance companies. Really, a great asset for the neighborhood!

I normally don’t review large corporations with multiple locations and/or franchises, but I had to point out that this location consistently has slow service. Some of the cashiers are friendly, some more than others; the store is almost always neat, clean, well-stocked and organized but seriously would it kill them to be a bit more attentive to the checkout lines or get another cashier to work peak hours in the morning and evening? There’s no reason why there’s usually only one person working checkout with a line that constantly grows to 3-5 people with a measurable wait time.