China Garden, Missoula

2100 Stephens Ave
Missoula, MT 59801

(406) 721-1795

This place was fantastic! Great atmosphere and great food! I went with my fiancé and we had a great time. Good portion for two people and great price.

A Missoula staple. China Garden has been here for 20+ years and the consistency is amazing. As a child, this was my favorite Chinese restaurant. Coming back here some 15 years later, it doesn’t dissapoint! Service is wonderful. We we’re served by one of the owners I think. He was really funny and entertaining. Dressed in a nice Asian shirt with Mandarin collar. The restaurant has been newly rennovated and is quite classy. There is a lot of room for banquets and large groups. Food was just as I had remembered. Perfectly fried pieces of battered chicken and pork, dipped in either an Almond Gravy (Almond Chicken) or a gooey Sweet N Sour. We chose individual combo plates but I think the best deal is actually the Family Meals. Plenty of Chinese-American food. The unhealthy options are hard to say no too but there are lots of healthy options too. Still the best sit-down, waiter-serviced Asian restaurant in Missoula.

Food was average. Def not the best Chinese I’ve had. Service was good though! Quick service and food was received quickly.

We decided to find a new restaurant instead of trying the same old thing. So happy we found this place. Best Chinese food in Missoula and great service. We will definitely be back!

I love this place. Just can’t say enough about the food and service. Best Chinese Food in Missoula. Happy New Year

Best Chinese food in Montana. Our server (Asian Male) was so funny and very attentive. Food was good and hot. Very extensive menu with traditional Chinese-American selections. Authentic decor. Will return for more.

The best Chinese food I have had thus far in Missoula! We love the Garlic Beef/ chicken and the egg drop soup! Yum!

Utterly disappointing. This was some of the worst customer service and food I’ve ever experienced. My man and I did a quick Yelp search to find great Chinese food in the Missoula area and saw that the China Garden was top rated in the whole area so we decided to give it a try. When we got there we were greeted nicely and took a look at the to go menu. When we were ready to order the waitress decided to ignore us for the ringing phone and instead of putting them on hold took the whole order before attending to the customers at the front desk. When ordering, we were told that we could only substitute certain menu items for the one’s under the “dinner options” which was fine, but then they told my boyfriend that he couldn’t have noodles or rice even though they were on the original meal he had ordered. They ended up giving us a completely different meal than what he had ordered. And the food…The food was sub par AT BEST. This was hands down the worst Chinese food either of us had ever eaten, the texture was off and everything was bland with no flavor, our sweet and sour pork and shrimp had little to no meat under the deep fried casing, the pork that was there was undercooked…We had to throw it all away not even half way in. What an utter waste of $30. Save yourself the time and money and skip this place.

Didn’t expect a good Chinese restaurant here but this one surprised us, really a good one!

Food and service was great. Our waiter, Wa was wonderful. I was able to substitute my meal to my preference, and the fourtune cookies seem homemade . We will be coming back, for sure!

My husband and I just had an outstanding chinese dinner. We called in the order and took it to go. The beef in the beef fried rice was so tender and was sliced super thin. War wonton soup was packed with pork, chicken, shrimp, and vegetables. Fried egg rolls were the best we ever had. Delicious!

Very good Chinese food and a clean restaurant! We had Kung Pao beef, fried rice and low mien chicken. Not a lot of meat in any of the dishes but lots of fresh vegetables in the Kung Pao. We also had steamed dumplings for an app and it was good with a wonderful dipping sauce. The waiter was great, funny and very attentive. We will be back!

WOW!! WOW!! We were on a family vacation in Montana and we happened to be in Missoula this day and we were craving for Thai food. Unfortunately, the Thai place that we first went to had a 35 minute wait so we decided to have Chinese. At first, we were hesitant because we were in Montana. How can we find a great Chinese rest here. I searched and this was the highest rated Chinese rests in Missoula. AND WE NEVER REGRETTED HAVING DINNER HERE. The service was great. We let our server know it was our first time here and he recommended to is his personal favorites and we went with it: 1. House Lo Mein – A MUST have! 2. Schezuan Beef – amazingly delicious 3. Shrimp fried rice – was good! 4. Fried prawns – delicious. This place is definitely one of the best Chinese rest we’ve been and we are from Southern California which is a Mecca for Chinese food. You won’t deftest coming here. Plus the portions are huge!!! Will definitely come back here!!! To the owners, keep up the great food and service!!!