Botanical Gardens

Botanical gardens naples fl

4820 Bayshore Dr
Naples, FL 34112

(239) 643-7275

This is a real gem in Naples. I have only been once, but it is so cool and huge. You could literally spend hours there and not see everything and they are constantly adding new plants and exhibitions. It is very close to downtown Naples. There are children’s gardens, butterfly gardens, orchids, walking paths for miles and miles, lakes, gators, birds, nature, wildlife. It is just amazing. All the plants are well labeled and grouped according to theme. Plenty of parking with a gift shop and restaurant. The volunteers and staff are so nice. This is a real great place, an asset to Naples.

Beautiful! These gardens are lush, tropical, colorful, and fun! We went right in the middle of the day in the middle of the summer, so we definitely got the tropical-heat experience-and it was still awesome. The garden has multiple segments, including Brazilian and Asian, to represent different types of fauna. The fun kicks in with the various structures: hammocks strung among coconut trees in the Caribbean section, metal drums, beautiful carvings and ponds in the Asian section. Definitely a multi-sensory engagement! A last note on the thoroughness we experienced: the Florida section was under construction, so the gardens policy is to discount tickets to compensate-great move for customer satisfaction, bravo!

This is the week of the annual Christmas light show. It’s a wonderful evening. The younger children are in awe of all the lights. Plus they love singing along with the carolers. This is an event that you need to put on your Holiday list.

Great time with family a photographers dream day…family had fun and I was lost in pictures

Do it! My perception of “Botanical Gardens” was always associated with “boring, ” “green thing here and green things over there, ” but this place is freakin’ awesome!!! It’s beautiful. Guys don’t use the word “beautiful” much, but these gardens really are. We enjoyed our time there and it was fun for us as a couple. We laid in the hammocks and played with the beach ball bowling pins they had. Highly recommended!

Very dissapointed in the Night Lights this year. A lot less lights and displays. I recommend this event to many visiting friends & families and they all felt the same way. Will wait a couple of years and check back to see if worth the $20/pp

Love love love it here. Have gotten the membership for several years. It’s so nice and relaxing. We enjoy going on Sunday’s and spend several hours walking around and laying in the hammocks by the lake. The kids love the children’s section as well. The restaurant was a great addition!

I started visiting NBG about 10 years ago. It has gotten bigger and better and I can only hope this trend will continue. Delightful.

Surprisingly, it was very nice and large. Some gardens were better than others but overall a very pleasant experience.

Spectacular botanical gardens – a must visit if you are in Naples in spring or summer when everything is blooming. Yes, it’s hot, so wear a hat, sun screen, and bug spray, and bring water, and you’ll be fine. The space is divided into multiple specialty gardens. There is a children’s garden, an idea garden, an enabling garden, Caribbean garden, Asian garden, and orchid garden, just to name a few of the many. There is also a space devoted entirely to butterflies and the plants that sustain them. One of the best parts of these garden are all the employees stationed in different areas who can’t wait to share interesting facts with the visitors. We ran into one such person by the gorgeous lily pond, and another one took us to smell a chocolate plant in the enabling garden. So cool! They currently have a fun dinosaur exhibit running through the start of July 2015, so it’s a perfect time to bring your kids and get them excited about nature. Their website mentions that some days even dogs are allowed, so check that out, too.

While vacationing in Naples, Florida we spent a day at the Naples Botanical Gardens. What a beautiful place to visit. If you are looking for something to do, then you should check this place out. The grounds are magnificent.

This Botanical Garden is the shining gem of the otherwise strip-mall wasteland of Naples, FL. The Gardens recently received an endowment and hired some of the best landscape designers in the world. It has beautiful and unique sections with themes based on species native to the area. (Brazilian garden, Asian Garden, Caribbean, Florida, etc). There is a splash pool and treehouse for kids. Also hammocks, bocce courts and plenty of benches scattered around so you can relax and enjoy the views. Normally attractions like this have sub-par ‘cafeterias’. This was not the case at the Naples Botanical Gardens. They have new, well designed cafe facilities with lots of light. They offer fresh squeezed local juices and delicious fresh lunch options. I had fresh squeezed strawberry orange juice and local catch Cerviche! Highly recommended. See photos. No jalapeƱos found on site… However there was a habanero plant.

Naples Night Lights was not worth the $20 a person for adults kids were $7. I highly recommend the Gardens during the day but was disappointed in the lights. Very limited light display and nothing for young children to do or see. We will make the drive to Tampa to see Tampa Zoo lights next year instead.

I was having a good time till we went into the gift shop. The gift shop closes at 3pm. We went in at 240pm. At 250pm the gift shop lady said she was closing and told us to leave.