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Better Homes and Gardens Bedroom

Happy New Year, my vintage vultures! Aren’t you glad 2016 is over?! I know I am. The holiday season was hectic AF. Things are quieter now and I can finally chill and breathe again.

So, Better Homes & Gardens had a photoshoot at our home right before Christmas. Yep, it happened and I still can’t believe it. We’re gonna be featured in a magazine. Eek! Watch out, Nate Berkus! Lol. It went really well. I can’t wait for it to come out and share it with you guys!

After taking some much needed time to rest, recharge, and reevaluate some things, I decided to give Old Brand New a redesign. There are still some tweaking to be made but I couldn’t wait to hit the live button! What do you guys think? I really want to make this a fun and vibrant site for everyone. If I had to pick one resolution, it’s #MakeBlogsGreatAgain. Haha. Seriously. I know my blog has recently been leaning towards featuring only works with brands but I’m gonna change it up again. I want to make this blog resourceful, fun, and creative on top of the sponsored content.

Anywho, let’s check out our new bedroom, shall we?! We redid our room because it was starting to smell rancid. We have two pups who sleep with us in the room and Luigi — out of nowhere — started marking his territories. He doesn’t pee on rugs, strangely, so I guess he hates carpet as much as we do. We finally replaced the grimy carpet with dark and durable bamboo floors. We got them from Lumber Liquidators for $2.79/sq.ft. Our bedroom is about 235 sq.ft. so we ordered 13 boxes. The labor cost us about $1450, so the total came out to be about $2300. It was totally worth it. Luigi no longer pees in the room and it smells like jasmine again. Thank goodness!

The walls were then painted with my favorite Sherwin Williams’ Snowbound. And for the accent wall, I went with Justina’s “Aja” wallpaper. Our bedroom always felt a bit blah to us but now, it’s so rich and lush! Wallpaper is where it’s at, folks! It’s my first time doing it and I’m addicted! I want to put it everywhere.

We didn’t stop there. I swapped out my heartmate’s reclaimed bed frame for this gorgeous patchwork cane bed from Anthropologie. It was on sale and I couldn’t pass it up. Brutalist-style nighstands are from Overstock.