Andromeda Gardens

Once a private estate, the Andromeda Botanical Gardens are now open to the public so that all may take in the wonderful sights and explore the extensive grounds. Visitors are sure to enjoy the many plants, flowers, and trees, as well as the equally beautiful birds that make the gardens their home.

As a botanical garden, the majority of trails will be lined with flowering plants and trees. Being walking intensive, it is likely best to wear shoes rather than flip-flops, and to bring some water. Luckily, the paths are paved, more of a sidewalk than a nature trail.


Admission into the gardens will allow visitors to take their time and explore the gardens and grounds at their own pace. You will also be able to stop by the on-site cafe for a snack or the gift shop for a souvenir.


Andromeda Botanical Gardens is situated in St. Joseph Parish, in Barbados; it is a half mile (less than a kilometer) to the southeast of Bathsheba.

Nearby Restaurants

There are numerous restaurants to select from in the region surrounding Andromeda Botanical Gardens. The most nearby place to eat to Andromeda Botanical Gardens is Sea-U’s! Restaurant, which serves Caribbean food. It’s just about a quarter mile away from the botanical gardens, so stop in and dig in! Dina’s Bar And Cafe and Bathsheba Railway Restaurant And Bar are some of the additional restaurant options within reach of this outdoor attraction you could enjoy the local cuisine in Barbados.

Nearby Attractions

Other types of local attractions include Cotton Tower Signal, which is a mile and a half away St. Joseph Parish. You might also want to consider checking out St. John’s Church, which is another attraction in the area.

Gardens are a great attraction to visit, but there’s more to visit in Barbados. The following chart includes some other attractions closest to Andromeda Botanical Gardens.


Andromeda is open all week form 9:00am until 5:00pm, though no further guests will be admitted after 4:30pm.

The gardens are not open on major holidays, including Christmas, Good Friday, Easter, and Bahamian federal holidays.


Admission into the into the garden is $20BDS for adults and $10BDS for children ($10 and $5 US Dollars respectively).