Winter Garden

Ace Hardware Winter Garden

There are several advantages to mulching your garden and landscaping. Mulch can help reduce weeds, moderate soil temperature and retain moisture during dry seasons, as well as “finish” the look of your outdoor landscaping.

Different types of garden mulch can help improve soil structure creating beneficial nutrients for plant growth. Knowing your garden’s needs will help you determine the type of much that best suits your garden.

Experimenting with mulch color is a recent landscaping trend. Ace carries many varieties including red, brown and even black mulch, which actually helps brighten shady areas.

Another popular option today is rubber mulch. Rubber mulch is recycled material that mimics the look of natural bark. It is long lasting and maintains color for several years. Many use this mulch for playgrounds to help soften falls, but rubber mulches are also popular for traditional landscaping because it’s relatively low-maintenance.