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garden ideas for front yard

Ideas / November 11, 2016

A whimsical design, a white picket fence and a sweet and well-manicured lawn design make this front yard seem straight out of a children's book. Pretty pinks and purples coordinate perfectly with the colorful home.

Woodsy Retreat

When working with a house as beautiful and detailed as the home shown here, the landscaping can be as simple or as ornate as you like. Evergreens are a good choice for year-round landscaping. Design by HGTV fan babycates

Country Cottage

An open gate invites you into this idyllic home. The winding stone pathway leads you through the front yard, allowing you to take in the lovely trees and grasses throughout.

Traditional Charm

Simple yard decor, such as an antique iron gate and perfectly placed vegetation, gives this house a country estate quality. A circular driveway amidst the landscaping makes this classic home a great place for entertaining. Design by HGTV fan On_the_east_twin

Floral Delight

The neutral color of this Spanish-style home makes a perfect backdrop to a yard full of colorful flowers. Bright colors pop in flower beds and window boxes against the home's facade.

Elevated Appeal

Cascading layers of bright flowers and deep-green shrubbery flow from the front porch of this quaint suburban home. As guests stroll up the stairs, each new level is as lush and inviting as the last. Design by HGTV fan On_the_east_twin

Small Spaces

With very little front yard to work with, the owners of this well-decorated home opted to show off their green thumbs with large window boxes. By allowing the multicolored flowers to drape low along the house, they really take advantage of every available space. Design by HGTV fan kmphelps