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Ideas / February 16, 2018

Make your home a stunning space that you’ll love to share with family and friends with all home and accents decor available from us at Pottery Barn. Add stylish lighting and a cheerful touch to any room in your home with lanterns and lit decor that light up your world. Select lit decor featuring twig accents for a touch of nature and a rustic cabin feel, or opt for metal lanterns in galvanized metal or burnished bronze finishes for an industrial look or an edgy touch in a classic space. Mixing and matching lanterns of varying heights adds dimension and creates a cohesive design space so easily.

Add lighting for a romantic evening for two or a cozy nook where you can cuddle up with a book by adding candles and holders that create warm, soft lighting in any space. You can opt for flameless candles so you never have to worry about blowing them out, keeping a close eye on them or replacing them often. Select candleholders in striking silhouettes, including candelabras for classic elegance in your home. Build a coastal theme in your home with candles featuring seashells, or go for a desert vibe with succulent-shaped candles that invoke the spirit of resiliency.

One of the easiest ways to build your style theme in your home is by adding decorative objects that fit your tastes. If you focus on coastal design, expand your design vision with corals and seashells for an underwater look, or opt for a nautical theme with stripes, anchors and lighthouses. Create an animal-inspired theme with bookends featuring your favorite creatures, whether they’re elephants, horses or dogs. Glass display cloches elegantly display centerpieces in crystal-clear exhibits, and you can create rustic, all-natural feel with decorative objects made of gorgeous woods including cedar and sandalwood contained within each cloche.

Liven up your space and complement your home with flowers and plants that add life and scent to your space. Opt for live plants for delightful fragrance in your space including lavender and hydrangea. Select orchids for a refreshing appearance that’s also elegant and simplistic. Choose artificial plants for easy maintenance. You can also use flowers and small plants as tabletop decorations or opt for a larger effect with shrubs and trees that add a pop of color. Bougainvillea is great in coastal rooms, while pine and shrubs are ideal for setting more rustic, cabin-inspired scenes.

Reflect light and make your rooms appear bigger than they actually are with mirrors that complement your decor. Choose round or square mirrors to mix up shapes and add dimension to any room. Opt for multipanel mirrors to mimic the look of lattice windows and create a statement piece for your home. Floor mirrors are a great addition to your bedroom or closet so you can make sure your outfits look exactly how you want before heading off to conquer your day. Select several small mirrors and create a gallery wall to add a fun spin on traditional photo walls.

Keep your home looking stunning and organized with storage options including baskets and bins that add functionality without sacrificing style. Place bins in your bookcases and entryway shelves to add clean storage while also building your style design. For coastal designs, look for baskets featuring rope or rattan construction. For cabin themes, opt for baskets and bins in galvanized metals that add an industrial, handsome silhouette to your rooms. Place baskets strategically on the floor in your rooms to maximize storage without taking up a lot of floor space. Use baskets in your bedroom as laundry baskets or in the bathroom to store extra clean towels and sheets.