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Backyard Garden Design Pictures

Garden / January 16, 2016

This backyard benefits from the subtle use of various textures on its terraces that ups the excitement level. A dramatic wall gives a feeling of enclosure and privacy, a great solution when neighbors might be close.

Water Features Adds Interest to Backyard Landscape

Creating a naturalistic stream and waterfall adds movement, noise and wildlife to the backyard landscape that will be enjoyed by the entire family.

Contemporary Tiers

Terraced tiers evoke a sense of peace, excitement, and interest in this urban backyard. The modern bench in the corner makes an ideal place to pause and take in the space and the reflections in the mirrored wall.

Create an Easy Backyard Playhouse

A colorful summer teepee creates a backyard summer playhouse for children to enjoy from spring through fall.

Backyard Vegetable Garden

A well planned backyard vegetable garden plot can yield a bountiful harvest of vegetables from spring into fall. A variety of crops, such as tomatoes, squash and herbs, will flourish in a well watered and sunny spot.

Personal Space

Bamboo rolls are used to run vertically with black painted lattice, creating a tranquil Japanese theme in this private backyard garden.

Something Useful for a Backyard

A small backyard greenhouse is a good spot to start early vegetables and flowers. Once the weather warms, the door and windows can be left open to increase airflow.

Backyard Transformed Into Living Room Sanctuary

An urban backyard is transformed into a living family sanctuary that features an area for dining, lounging and playing.

Create Spaces for Children and Adults to Enjoy

Use an imaginative design to make the most of available backyard space. Create privacy with tall fences, rather than borders. Integrate features such as built in seating with raised beds and plant with aromatic herbs to create a scented relaxation area.

Garden Family Room

If you have a large backyard, you may have room for an outbuilding to use as a guest room, playhouse or private retreat. Furnish it with comfortable furniture to create a relaxing home away from home.

Courtyard Garden

A level backyard lends itself to a courtyard effect and multiple outdoor "rooms."

Steep and Shady

What some homeowners would see as deficits—a sloped and shady backyard—these homeowners have turned into assets. This tranquil, restful escape from busy city life features a path that winds through groves of 'Knock Out' roses, butterfly bushes, azaleas and areas of visual interest, from a koi pond to a bird bath, along the way.

A Newfangled Answer to the Back Deck

Old and new architectural styles combine in this striking backyard Southern pavilion. The focal point (#1) is the striking fireplace. A woven, seagrass rug (#2) softens the space. Water-resistant furniture (#3) makes sense in this space exposed to the elements.