Ideas For Low Maintenance Garden Design

architectural garden design ideas

Ideas / September 5, 2017

Clients don’t come to Barnett for a fixed style, however; rather with the understanding that they will receive a highly individual and personal design (from £35, 000), from lush, flowing countryside gardens (second picture) to more linear spaces (third picture). Barnett starts with a site tour and ideas are then developed via free-flowing discussions, simple sketches, more complex models or rendered visuals, and even 3D fly-through virtual animation. Sometimes clients have just a loosely formed notion of what they want; others have very specific requests, such as incorporating a bath (complete with plumbing) into a roof terrace design, as well as a number of hung chandeliers and entertaining spaces within the garden.

Barnett organises planting plans, the tender process of selecting a contractor and oversees all work on site, which also includes aftercare. “Small gardens can be implemented in a few months. But large gardens and landscapes can sometimes take several years to develop. We usually work with clients on the development and care of their gardens for many years after the design has been finished.”